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About us

Meet TRUHAIR Haircare

Active+ concentrations of botanicals & rich pigments, made even more effective by science and innovation.

For a good-hair life™, not just a good hair day.

Sure, botanical ingredients can be the superpowers in your haircare arsenal, but to be effective, there have got to be the right balance of them in your products to actually deliver all the promised good stuff. That's why our High Dose™ solutions have a just-perfect amount of everything that matters. We hit upon those formulations by elevating the benefits of natural ingredients with the help of science. Then we create new technologies to deliver them most efficiently to your scalp and hair. But we don't stop there! Serious rounds of clinical testing in combo with testing on real humans like you guarantee we deliver the absolute best products to solve all of your hair problems.

End result? A good-hair life™.

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